It is time for change,
changing the script and professional identity of the Early Years Practitioner.

“I have been working as an Early Years Practitioner for 5 years - Today I got my certificate from The Early Years Academy”

The rest is history. Imagine the impact ....
You can't - as it has not been done before.
Now imagine the impact ....

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The Early Years Academy

The Early Years Academy has formed as an Organisation to bring the Early Years and Childhood profession to be at the forefront of reflecting on an individuals practice which encompasses offering an online platform and community for Continual Professional Development.

Professional Recognition from an award of a recognised fellowship from The Early Years Academy which will be offered by reflecting on the professionals practice and meeting the standards outlined within each level of fellowship. This will be identified and differentiated through your own practice within the Early Childhood Workforce globally and locally for children 0-7 years of age.


EY Academy Certificate of Affliliation
EY Academy Associate Fellow
EY Academy Fellow
EY Academy Senior Fellow

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