The Fellowships will be ....

There would be 4 different Levels depending on how you would like to pursue the professional recognition.

EY Academy Certificate of Affliliation

1. Certificate of Affiliation to The Early Years Academy (CA.EYA)

This would suit anyone who holds a professionally recognised status, health professional or practitioner which may not want full fellowship but would like to be affiliated to the Early Childhood Academy

EY Academy Associate Fellow

2. Associate Fellow of the Early Years Academy (AF.EYA)

This would be seen as entry to the Academy, aspiring Early Childhood Professionals either in training or at the start of their Early Childhood Journey.

EY Academy Fellow

3. Fellow of the Early Years Academy (F.EYA)

This level would be for anyone who can demonstrate the ability to be child centred and meet certain outcomes in the role of an Early Childhood Professional in a holistic way. It could include learning, health, well-being, nurturing, relationships etc…

EY Academy Senior Fellow

4. Senior Fellow of the Early Years Academy (SF.EYA)

This level would be for anyone who has mastery at the above but developing positive change for children and reflexive knowledge. Being an experienced member of the workforce and can demonstrate certain leadership qualities, coaching and mentoring new staff and developing creative ways to enhance the outcomes for all children within their setting.

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